Bok Blues Duo, comprises Zoran Haraminčić – Hara, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and Davor Bunčić – Buna, vocalist, lyricist, harmonica player. Both are veteran members of the Croatian blues scene, and currently are the song writing members of BE HA VE, a blues band which plays original songs in Americana and Blues styles.

These two musicians have been involved in the Blues music scene for many years – and have been featured in many bands. With their exciting new venture, Bok Blues Duo, they are expressing their vision of this particular musical genre by presenting their own compositions and strengthening the foundations of blues music in Croatia.

Hara – guitars, vocals

Buna – vocals, blues harp

Duo BOK BLUES has recently enthused the jury and organizers at the 12th Croatian Blues Challenge (12th CBC) in Zagreb and as the winning performer, gained the right to represent Croatia and the Croatian Blues Forces (HBS), an association licensed for the Blues Challenge, at the international blues competition in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Mentioned competition – the 37th International Blues Challenge – will be held for the 37th time in the cradle of blues and the city where Rock’n’Roll originated – Memphis – in the period between 18-22 January 2022.