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compilation Velika rock eksplozija #14


Dec. 4 – Cadillac club, Zagreb

Dec. 17 – Bobi & Rudi, Zagreb

Dec. 22 – KCM, Zagreb


Nov. 25 – Mojo bar, Zagreb

Nov. 13 – Guliver Caffe Bar, Koprivnica

Nov. 6 – Croatian Blues Challenge – Hard Place, Zagreb

Oct. 23 – Cadillac club, Zagreb

Sep. 18 – Velika Rock eksplozija 14Hard Place, Zagreb

Aug. 23 – Zagorje Blues Etno Festival

Jun. 12 – Močvara – Zagreb International Blues festival

June 11 – Save me from your Spell – HRT, Dobro jutro Hrvatska

Duo BOK BLUES has recently enthused the jury and organizers at the 12th Croatian Blues Challenge (12th CBC) in Zagreb and as the winning performer, gained the right to represent Croatia and the Croatian Blues Forces (HBS), an association licensed for the Blues Challenge, at the international blues competition in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Mentioned competition – the 37th International Blues Challenge – will be held for the 37th time in the cradle of blues and the city where Rock’n’Roll originated – Memphis – in the period between 18-22 January 2022.

37th International Blues Challenge

Save The Date: January 18 – 22, 2022

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